Fastest Star Universe


This is the fastest stars in the universe. The researchers call him as a Star Spin or Spinstars. Round their rotation more than a million miles per hour or 1.6 million km per hour.

According to researchers from the Institute for Astrophysics of Potsdam, Germany, this star was formed 13.7 billion years ago after the big bang and never became a huge star.

Even the size of its mass up to eight times greater than the mass of our sun. However, because giant stars made of hydrogen and helium gas has a short lifetime, he died young.

In a report published in the journal Nature, Dr Christina Chiappini and colleagues at the Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam, utilizing the European Southern Observatory's telescope Very Large Telescope in Chile to study the chemical composition of some old stars in the Milky Way.

They studied the ratio of chemical elements that exist in a star cluster NGC-6522. Star clusters were chosen because they are old enough to form the original chemical elements such as produced by the stars who attended the first generation.

Furthermore, Chiapini concluded that the first generation of stars are very massive and rotating with very high speed to achieve the degree of mixing elements so that they can produce heavier elements.

Their calculations indicate that the first generation of stars are rotating fast with a speed of 500 kilometers per second - or 250 times higher than the speed of our sun. No wonder if then they called these stars as 'Spinstars'.

As reported by ABC news site, Professor Mike Bessell of Mount Stromlo Observatory, owned by Australian National University, Chiapini paper explains the importance of rotation or the rotation of stars beginning to produce such elements later found in star later generations.

In addition to convection resulting in a star caused mixing, a fast rotation help new elements are formed and appear on the surface.

"The rotation of this star helping to produce elements Neon Carbon-22 from the central star. The element that then allows the formation of the higher elements in our stars, which normally only occurs in low-mass stars," Bessell said.

Bessell added, elements heavier formed very early in the universe, providing the seeds for the formation of other things, lately.

"This gives us another option for the creation of major elements like nitrogen and all the heavier elements such as tin and zinc. All the elements that we think is not going to be created, until long after that."

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HydroBOB, Underwater Scooter


For you lovers of the beauty beneath the water, there is a 'toy' new that can make you enjoy it without diving equipment. An underwater scooter was created to facilitate you to enjoy the beauty beneath the water, although you can not dive, and even swim.

Named HydroBOB, which is also the Breathing Observation Bubble, this tool lets you breathe in air bubbles under the water while riding a scooter.

Just enter your head into the bubble, sit in comfortable circumstances, you can enjoy the under water with this tool. Get started using this tool was quite easy, because it only takes about 10 minutes.

To try HydroBOB, this tool is in place of water sports in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Visitors can hire HydroBOB rates to U.S. $ 25 per hour.

Interested to try HydroBOB? Maybe you can peek in advance what kind of HydroBOB in this video link.

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Olympus SZ-30MR Super Zoom Camera


The new camera from Olympus that is SZ 30MR which is a kind of Super Zoom series, is the first of its kind with the ability to record Full HD video and 16-megapixel still images simultaneously. This camera features the "Multi Recording (MR)" which means you still can take pictures with full resolution HD video capture time and unlike other cameras, still image you get at full resolution. This camera's LCD screen measuring 3 inches. The camera is also capable of taking 3D images.

Olympus SZ-30MR also has dual image stabilization, sensor backlit 16-megapixel camera, and 24x optical zoom. This camera will sell for € 329 (around $ 453). There was also a Dual-Engine processor TruePic III +.
There are also Smart Panorama mode, Scene mode, Shadow Adjustment, advanced Face Detection, Beauty and Pet Detection mode mode which will significantly improve the quality of pictures taken with this camera.

Specifications Olympus SZ-30MR:

* Compact and stylish body
* 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor
* 24x optical zoom lens covers 25-600mm equivalent range
* TruePic III image processor +
* Dual Image stabilization (sensor-shift + digital)
* 3.0-inch LCD screen
* High sensitivity settings up to ISO 6400
* Intelligent Auto
* 8 Magic Art filters, Including three new options: Watercolor, Sparkle, and Punk
* New 3D still image mode
* Full 1080p HD video capture
* SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card slot (Eye-Fi compatible)
* Li-ion battery pack (up to 200 shots)

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Mobile Browser Skyfire 4.0


For users of mobile devices based on Android in particular who want to switch to mobile browser applications that are reliable and intelligent, then it could not hurt if you try it yourself Skyfire mobile browser application. According to information circulating,

other devices will soon hit the Google Android operating system was, reportedly with the popularity of Skyfire browser applications made by new 4.0 version will also soon be visited Apple's iPhone-based devices in the not too long anymore.

The developers of these applications claim that they can provide a new order of experience for all Android users anywhere in the year 2011 with the presence of Skyfire is the latest release.

In this latest release, users can find the new interface along with other interesting features. There was also a series of other improvements in version 4.0 of Skyfire for this Android. And when available, will the users can immediately download it.

Skyfire Labs According to company records in its official announcement, said that after 2010 the past it has presented the most innovative smartphone applications, now it plans to bring it back with something new in 2011 this. Skyfire mobile browser applications based on Android is nuanced red has dibesut with the view, model and price of the new powerful features.

Skyfire for Android is already one of the most popular applications included in the Android Marketplace, with more than 2.5 million downloads of the registered since officially released a year ago, precisely in April 2010.

The application of this mobile browser has been upgraded in November 2010 that then with social media and integrated capabilities up. With the presence of this latest update would be able to maintain and continue the strong track record of Skyfire in innovation.

According to Skyfire Labs, a new taste of mobile browser applications for the devices supported by Google's platform is that Skyfire for Android with version 4.0, will soon be introduced officially in the coming weeks.

All existing features will still be accessible for free to 2.5 million beta testers worldwide. And those users will continue to receive updates of the latest innovative Skyfire as an expression of gratitude for the assistance and support in launching the product.

For now, without the presence of an appropriate release date for new browser versions are available, users can try Skyfire 3.0 for Android applications, which can be found on the Android Marketplace here.

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