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Translation of application development has a bright future. Google for example, is preparing a special voice translation application smart phone based on Android. The application that allows mobile users to translate data into another language with a form of sound.

The technology has been performed in the arena of Electronic IFA festival that took place in Berlin in September last. Reportedly, the application is ready for use the next 18 months pascapameran progress,

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, says the technology becomes exciting when the sound is really displayed as words. For now, he said, Google was to optimize the technology that allows users to communicate with people nearby in another language.

How the operation is fairly easy. In the mode of conversation, he said, simply press the microphone to the user's home language and begin speaking. "Google Translate will translate voice. Similarly the contrary, the other person also responds in a language which is then translated back," he said as quoted by the Telegraph, last week.

For while it is still a beta service. That is, it is still possible development to achieve the perfect stage. "Basically, we know that factors such as regional accents, the sound of background noise can complicate the translation process," he said.

Trehella chewy, Business Development Manager Google says the voice translation services still require further refinement. According to him, the role of users is very important in order to provide a beneficial service.

Currently, Springy said, the service already includes 53 languages for text-based input and 15 languages for voice input, although currently only available in Spanish Conversation mode, "he said. Before long, Springy added, 15 other languages will be able to used.

Economic Implications

Completion of language translation service provided by Google are crucial. Carried Google's method unlike the traditional approach, in which a background in web search, often a constraint language approach in the search. So with this method, in which the word standard is available in several languages (European Parliament, for example) then Google will be able to index and add a traditional dictionary to create a more accurate translation.

The roots of this method comes from the UN that started the process of translation in six languages. Google quickly adopted it in one large data sets that can be used for statistical comparison. It must be recognized translation service to provide another opportunity to use language such as Arabic to have access.

There are economic implications for this development. Student language for example, in the early days he can consider himself to work as a translator. Soon, he immediately consider themselves to work as an expert in software engineering.

Improvement of the methods Google translator, recognized Springy, still require human assistance. Moreover, the development of dynamic walking grammar as time passes. "I'm not ready to use translation services for business conversation," he said.

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